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Yang mana Tagline Turisme Favorit Rekan2 BD?


Cambodia – kingdom of wonder

China Tourism

Hong Kong –Asia’s World City

Wonderful Indonesia

Japan – endless discovery

Kazakhstan – the land of wonders

Kyrgyzstan – oasis on the Great Silk Road

Korea – be inspired

Malaysia – truly Asia

Discover Mongolia

It’s more fun in the Philippines

Taiwan – the heart of Asia

Amazing Thailand – always amazes you

Vietnam – timeless charm

Beautiful Bangladesh

Bhutan – Land of Gross National Happiness

Incredible !ndia

Maldives… the sunny side of life

Naturally Nepal – Once is not enough

Refreshingly Sri Lanka – Wonder of Asia


Albania – A new Mediterranean love

Andorra – the Pyrenean country

Austria – Arrive and revive

Belarus – Hospitality beyond borders

South of Belgium (Brussels and Wallonia) – Latin Europe in a nutshell

Bulgaria – Unique in its diversity

Croatia – the Mediterranean as it once was

Cyprus in your heartNorth Cyprus – Timeless beauty – Better than words

Czech Republic – stunningly different

Visit Finland (I wish I was in Finland)

Georgia – for the best moments of your life

Germany – The travel destination

Visit Gibraltar

Gozo – Truly Mediterranean

Add some orange (Holland)

Go to Hungary

Visit Iceland

Jump into ireland

Latvia – Best enjoyed slowly

Lithuania – See it! Feel it! Love it!

Luxembourg – Discover the unexpected

Malta – Truly Mediterranean

Monte Negro – Wild Beauty

Visit Norway

Poland – Move your imagination – Come and find your story

Portugal – Europe’s West Coast

Romania – explore the Carpathian garden

Pure Russia

My Russia – reveal your own Russia

Scotland welcomes the world

Slovakia – Little big country

I feel SLOVEnia

Espana – I need Spain

Vist Sweden

Switzerland. Get natural.

Turkey Unlimited

Ukraine, yours to discover


Cameroon is back

Egypt – where it all begins

Ethiopia – the cradle of humankind

The Gambia – the smiling coast of Africa

Magical Kenya

Malawi – the warm heart of Africa

Mauritius – It’s a pleasure

Morocco – the country that travels within you

Nigeria – tourism is life

The Seychelles Islands – another world

South Africa – Inspiring new ways

Sierra Leone… the freedom to explore

The Kingdom of Swaziland – a royal experience

Tanzania – the land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti

Tunisia – there’s more to celebrate

Uganda – pearl of Africa

Zambia – let’s explore

Zimbabwe – A world of wonders


Abu Dhabi –And you think you’ve done it all?

Abu Dhabi – Travellers welcome

Definitely Dubai

[Oman – Beauty has an address]

Qatar – where dreams come to life


There’s NOTHING like Australia

Fiji Me

100% pure New Zealand


Antigua and Barbuda – The beach is just the beginning…

Argentina beats to your rhythm

Bermuda – so much more

Bolivia awaits you

Brasil – sensational!

Canada – keep exploring

Colombia – the only risk is wanting to stay


Costa Rica – no artificial ingredients

Autentica Cuba

Dominica – the nature island

Dominican Republic has it all

Ecuador – love life

Guyana – experience, explore & enjoy

Honduras – todo esta aqui

Nicaragua – Unica. Original!

Paraguay – You have to feel it!

Peru – Empire of Hidden Treasures

Puerto Rico does it better

Trinidad & Tobago – the true Caribbean

Uruguay natural

Venezuela is your destination!


Armenia (something indecipherable and a ! for the i)

Azerbaijan (rising star and oil well?

The islands of the Bahamas (island graphic)

Kingdom of Bahrain

Barbados (flying fish?)

Chile (stars)

Falkland Islands (penguins)

France (flag-coloured lady)

Greece (spots – islands?)

Holland (tulip)

Italy (flag stripe)


Jordan (hieroglyphics?)





Monaco (winding roads?)

Mozambique (shell spiral)


Panama (butterfly?)


Saint Lucia (flag-coloured pitons)

Serbia (heart)

Tahiti and her islands



California – find yourself here

Go Goa – a perfect holiday destination!
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